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What do the different promotions do?
What do the different promotions do?
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Promotions are a particularly useful tool for creating customer loyalty. In this way, appointments will increase, more indirect advertising will be generated thanks to word of mouth from customers, and new customers will be earned.

Activating a promotion is very simple. To open up the dedicated window, click on the "Promotions" section from the Treatwell Pro side menu .

From the "Add New Promo" window it is possible to create different types of promotions which vary according to your needs.

There are seven types of promotions that can be created with Treatwell Pro:

Discount card

With this option it is possible to create an ad hoc promotion for specific clients chosen by the salon. This discount is not visible online on the marketplace and can only be applied in the "Cash" section of Treatwell Pro.

Generic discount

The generic discount allows the salon to apply a discounted price to a specific treatment which will be displayed on the marketplace.


The voucher can be offered to a specific customer as a prize or a reserved promotion. It can be applied to all the services offered or only to some of them.

Prepaid credit

Prepaid credit is a type of promotion that can be purchased by the customer, which allows him to receive a discount on future appointments .


Bundles allow customers to get a discount when they purchase several sessions of a particular treatment in one transaction.


Packages allow clients to get a discount when they book two or more selected treatments together.

Loyalty Program

With the loyalty program, customers can accumulate points by booking appointments and will receive rewards after reaching specific points thresholds. You can customise the number of points needed to reach the various thresholds.

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