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A loyalty program (or points collection) is a promotion that allows customers to accumulate points by purchasing treatments and products at the salon. Upon reaching the thresholds set by the program, the points can be converted into rewards, such as free treatments, products or other services chosen by the salon.

With Treatwell Pro, it is possible to create loyalty programs by personalising thresholds, duration and rewards to be associated with each milestone achieved by the customer.

How to create a loyalty program

To create a loyalty program for your salon, you must first go to the "Promotions" section and then click on the "+" or "Create a new one" button in the centre of the page.

From the "Add new promo" window, click on "Loyalty Program" to open the modification page.

To create and customise a loyalty program, you need to enter the following information:

  • Name Loyalty Program - The name under which the loyalty program is saved in Treatwell Pro.

  • Type and value: the treatments (and/or products) with which it is possible to accumulate points, the number of points obtainable with a specific service and the days of the week in which the program will be valid. It is possible to limit the possibility of collecting points to only one staff member who performs the service;

  • Points balance: specify the duration of the loyalty program and choose whether to enable or disable the automatic association of the promotion;

  • Redemption: the period in which the customer can redeem the rewards achieved;

  • Rewards: set the rewards and points needed to get them. For each prize, it is possible to activate an SMS/email notification which automatically notifies the customer once the threshold has been reached.

After entering all the required data, click on the "Continue" button below to create the loyalty program.

All the features of the promo can be changed at a later time (within 30 days), by clicking on the "Edit" button next to each item.

How to redeem points for rewards

If the customer reaches the number of points necessary to receive a reward, a green banner is displayed directly in the "Cash" section, with the message "Reward available". By clicking on the banner, a window opens with information about the rewards that the customer can redeem.

How to associate Loyalty Program with a customer

You can associate a Loyalty Program in two ways:

  • Automatically (to all customers);

By leaving the 'automatic association' button active when creating the promo (in the 'Accumulation' box), the created promotion will be valid for all customers. It is possible to check the points accumulated by each customer directly on the Promotions page by clicking 'Active Customers' at the top right.

  • Manually (only for specific customers);

If the 'automatic association' button is deactivated, it is possible to associate the promotion with specific customers only at the time of payment. This is done by the following:

· click on the customer to associate the promo with in the 'Checkout' section;

· click the 'Subscriptions and promotions' button at the top right;

· click the '+' icon to view all available promotions and select the one you want.

The promotion will also remain active during the customer's future bookings and payments, allowing the customer to accumulate points.

How to disassociate Loyalty Program from a customer

To disassociate the promotion from a customer you need to follow these steps:

  1. access the 'Promotions' section of the side menu;

  2. search for the promo from the list and select it;

  3. click on the 'Active Customers' button at the top right ;

  4. search for the customer in question and click on the file icon;

  5. log in with your login credentials and click on the 'Confirm' button to disassociate the customer.

How to delete a loyalty program

To delete a Loyalty Program that has just been created or previously saved, access the " Promotions " area of ​​the side menu, look for the promo from the list on the side and click on the red " Delete " button at the top left of the screen.

Please note: Before deleting, it is advisable to check for any customers associated with the promo and deactivate them.

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