Calendar and appointments

Everything you need to know about the Treatwell Pro calendar. Learn how to make and manage appointments, take notes and more.

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Cash and payments

Everything you need to know about payments in your business - from issuing receipts to refunds and managing the POS system.

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Information about your clients, their booking history and managing their details.

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Discover how to attract new clients by learning about our range of promotions and discounts.

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Warehouse, products and orders

Discover all the functions of the warehouse including products, orders and stock inventory.

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Marketing and communications

Learn how to create and use your own email or SMS marketing communications, manage your appointment reminders and increase your online visibility.

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Team members and opening hours

Find out how to set up your team members, their schedules and user permissions.

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Everything you need to know about Treatwell invoices, commission and payments.

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Statistics and reports

Everything you need to know about tracking your business and its performance, including reports on your team members, profitability and stock.

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Learn all about how our review system works, including why they're important, how to get more, and what to do if you receive negative feedback.

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Account settings and business information

Discover how to set up and edit the details of your account, from logging in, setting your business policies to closing your account.

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Find out everything you need to know about your salon photos on the marketplace, from booking a professional photoshoot to learning how to take your own.

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Find how to keep your clients, team members and business protected by ensuring you adhere to GDPR procedures.

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Technical support and system requirements

Find how to keep yourself up and running, including how to change the language of the system and how to solve any technical issues.

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