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Cancellation Protection: online appointments
Cancellation Protection: online appointments
Written by Deborah Deiana
Updated over a week ago

We know how frustrating it can be for a shop or salon when a customer doesn't show up for an appointment, which is why we've introduced 'Cancellation Protection' - a Treatwell Pro feature that allows customers to be charged for the booking they did not show up to.

"Protection against cancellations" is a function that can be activated by contacting our customer service and will work for cancellations related to the no-show of a customer. All other causes of cancellations related to the shop or salon will not be covered.

Appointments booked online can have two payment methods:

  • Prepaid: With these appointments, the service has already been paid online by the customer. If an appointment does not occur, the amount of the service will still be credited to you (with the commissions due on the basis of each case). It is advisable to contact customer service if the customer fails to show up for this type of appointment;

  • Pay at the venue: This appointment has been booked online and requires payment directly at the salon. In this case, the cancellation protection allows the customer to be charged the amount of the reservation in the event of a no-show.

NB: The cancellation protection is only available for booking services offered by Treatwell and not for external platforms (such as "Reserve with Google").

If the customer does not show up and the online appointment is a "pay at venue"

At the time of the online reservation which requires payment on-site (with the protection against cancellation active in your plan), the customer will have secured their reservation by entering the data of a valid card.

Although they have not paid any amount, they will have given the availability of a payment method at the time of booking.

If the customer does not show up, simply go to the "Agenda" and click on the window of the appointment concerned, select "Trash" to eliminate the appointment, and select "The customer did not show" as the reason.

At this point, the management system will ask if you want to proceed with the debit of the booking amount.

If the customer cancels the appointment with active protection

The "Protection against cancellation" also works if the customer has booked online with payment on-site and tries to cancel the appointment outside the opening hours allowed by the shop or salon regarding the cancellation policy (these parameters can be customised by contacting the help center).

All payments made through the "Protection against cancellation" that must be credited will be managed with the commissions relating to the type of customer and with a 2% transaction cost.

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