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How do I update my reschedule/cancellation policy?
How do I update my reschedule/cancellation policy?
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The cancellation policy is the period of time in which the customer can make changes to their appointment without incurring penalties or additional costs. This is a customisable time window for the salon, meaning you can set it to between 3 and 48 hours according to your needs.

Where can customers see my cancellation policies?

We will display your salon's cancellation policies throughout the client booking process, as well as in the confirmation email and in our app to avoid any confusion.

What cancellation policy options do I have?

By default, your rescheduling/cancellation window is set to 3 hours. This means that if a prepaid customer wants to reschedule their appointment within 3 hours of the starting time, they will not be able to do so. Likewise, if they cancel their appointment, they will not be entitled to a refund.

If the customer wants to reschedule the appointment more than 3 hours before the starting time, they can do it independently directly from the application. They will also be able to cancel the reservation and will be refunded automatically.

What should my cancellation policy be?

As mentioned before, you will have full control over your cancellation policy, but we recommend choosing a flexible window of at least 3 hours.

This way, it will be less of a burden on customers, and if you receive a last-minute cancellation or rescheduling, you will still have time to take another booking (from Treatwell Pro or by a 'walk-in') to fill the gap that has arisen on your calendar.

Things to consider

Keep in mind that by having a strict policy (e.g. 24 hours or more):

  1. you will significantly reduce the number of bookings you will receive;

  2. for any change to the appointment, customers will have to contact you directly, which can be time-consuming for your salon;

  3. customers who cancel their booking and are not entitled to a refund are likely to contact you directly to contest this policy.

Our data shows that only a small percentage of customers cancel or reschedule their appointments within 3 hours, so the impact of a flexible cancellation policy will be minimal.

How can I update my cancellation policy?

To update your cancellation policy, you must contact our Customer Experience team and communicate the changes to be made.

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