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New and regular customers: how to identify them
New and regular customers: how to identify them
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In our general terms and conditions with partners, among the various points stipulated in the contract, a clear distinction is made between a New Booking (new customers) and a Booking from Loyal Customers (regular customers).

This difference is particularly important for the salon: Treatwell only charges commissions on bookings made by new customers, while appointments made by repeat customers are exempt.

It is therefore necessary to understand what the characteristics are that distinguish the two types of customers and how to keep the Client List updated to take advantage of the benefits provided by having loyal customers.

New customers

Treatwell treats a customer as new if;

  • they have not yet been registered in the client list

  • they have been registered in the client list for over 365 days but have not made any reservations in the last 365 days

  • they have been registered in the client list for less than 365 days, but have not yet completed an appointment successfully.

Regular Customers

When a customer books an appointment through Treatwell, our AI algorithm looks for their details in the Treatwell Pro Address Book. If one of these details is present (e.g. email address and/or phone number), we know that the customer has been to your salon before.

The customer is then immediately classified as a repeat customer and their booking on Treatwell will be free of partner fees (provided they have made a successful appointment within the last 365 days).

How to keep your address book up-to-date with regular customers

  • Whenever a client books directly in the salon, add their email address and phone number when creating the appointment. The data is automatically added to the Address Book and, should they make further reservations, they will be considered repeat customers.

  • If you still work with a customer address book not linked to the Treatwell management system (for example a list on a paper sheet or an Excel file), register the contacts in the Treatwell Pro Address Book to allow the system to recognise regular users, thus eliminating commissions. In fact, a customer cannot be recognised as a regular customer through "paper proof" or a spreadsheet saved on a PC or smartphone - the recognition, as mentioned previously, is carried out automatically by Treatwell Pro based on the presence or absence of appointments in the last 365 days, taking into account the customers registered in the management address book and their booking history.

Wrong commission on booking: what to do?

If you think you have been incorrectly charged a new customer fee on one or more repeat customer bookings, please contact Treatwell support at Our support team will take care of your matter, reporting to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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