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How is my review rating calculated?
How is my review rating calculated?
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Your Treatwell review rating is a simple way for prospective clients on the Marketplace to see how previous clients have rated you. As always with reviews - the higher the better! In fact, salons with an overall rating of 4.5 or above account for over 80% of all bookings on the Treatwell Marketplace.

When we ask clients to review their experience with you, we allow them to rate multiple factors of the experience:

  • The treatment they received

  • The cleanliness of your venue

  • The team member who delivered the treatment

  • The atmosphere and environment

  • An overall rating

It's their overall rating that then contributes to your review rating displayed on the Marketplace. The other elements are there so that clients can filter through the marketplace as needed.

The other factors that positively benefit your review rating:

  • Verified reviews

  • New reviews

  • New reviews from an account that has previously recently reviewed you

  • Reviews from frequent users of Treatwell

If you need a helping hand to keep the reviews coming in, we've got some tips to get you started.

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