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The Trend Report in Treatwell Pro gives you an insight into how your business is performing over time and can be used to help you anticipate changes in your clients' buying patterns.

After clicking on the Trend Report, you'll see the data relating to "Total Revenue" displayed on the left-hand side of the screen - this is the income gained from the sale of products and services.

The default reference period is always the previous month. However, thanks to the filters "Period" and "Segment", you can analyse the salon's performance in an even more targeted and detailed way.

  • By changing the values on "Period" it's possible to monitor the trends over different periods from the previous month or to compare the latest data with a previous period.

  • With the "Segment" option, data on a single salon activity is displayed (e.g. just hairdressing or just beauty). This option is particularly useful for venues that offer a wide range of services.

Total Revenue Column

The "Total revenue" column contains more useful and important data:

  • "Average spend": This is the average amount spent by clients during each appointment and is automatically calculated by dividing the income by the number of receipts issued in the set period.

  • "Services per transaction": This is the average number of services requested per appointment and issued with each receipt.

  • "% Services with products sold": This is particularly important as it shows the percentage of sales on clients' visits to the salon in addition to the booked appointment (the more clients buy extra products and services during appointments, the higher the resale percentage will be).

  • "Total attendance": This is the total number of client visits to the salon that purchased services or products during the reporting period.

Services, Products, and Promotions Columns

Next to the "Total Revenue" column, there are 3 further columns - "Services", "Products", and "Promotions" - where the revenue for the period is analysed in more detail:

  • Services - In addition to the number of total services sold and the revenue obtained from the treatments, the 4 most requested services are shown.

  • Products - Similar to the services, on this column we can see the total number of products sold, the revenue obtained from the sale and the top 4 brands most purchased by the clients.

  • Promotions - This column shows the revenue generated by the promotions and the top 4 most sold promos.

Treatwell Pro Trend Analysis Graphs

Immediately below these 4 initial columns, Treatwell Pro automatically generates 4 graphs that allow you to analyse some of the main factors that influence the performance of your business.

Please note: All tables are interactive and the values change by moving the mouse pointer within the graph, showing even more precise data on a time basis.

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