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For Treatwell, it is essential to protect your company's sensitive information.

At the same time, we strive every day to offer the highest quality in our services, in particular in our support for all our partners.

The "Authentication" process is a tool that allows us to support you in the best possible way, guaranteeing a high level of protection for data related to your business and clients.

What Authentication consists of

In case of support requests, our support team will ask you security questions to ensure that we only provide information to users who have access to it. The questions refer to specific information that is only visible to accounts that may require important changes to online services and Treatwell Pro.

Authentication is required either for email support or by contacting our support centre by phone.

In order for the authentication procedure to work properly and for only certain members of staff to be able to request changes to the service, we recommend that you create personalised logins in the management system for all the people working in the salon. To do this, we refer you to our dedicated guides:

It is essential to enter all employees (not only staff members, but also other profiles, such as receptionists), so that the management system has the names and information of each operator working for your business. For more information you can follow the guide on how to add a staff member.

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