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How do I get reviews?
How do I get reviews?
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If there's one thing every beauty business needs, it's online reviews. Having plenty of five stars on your profile is how you build a positive online reputation, get noticed – and get those bookings coming in.

To save you time, we've made it easy to collect reviews from all your clients – whether they book you online or offline. Our automated, industry-leading tools do most of the work for you, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

Getting reviews from clients who book you online

Did you know that anyone who books you online is more likely to leave a review? That's because we ask them to share their experience minutes after their appointment ends, without you having to move a finger.

To get booked online – and instantly start collecting reviews, install a widget to your website and social media pages and let clients book you the way they want.

Collect reviews from clients who don't book you online (yet)

Our tools also make it easy to get reviews from clients who prefer to pop in or ring up to book their appointment. To get reviews from clients who book you directly, add their contact details to every booking.

Adding client contact details to appointments means they'll always get asked for a review after their visit. On top of that, they’ll get reminders, invites to rebook, and marketing campaigns to get them to come back more often.

Please note: make sure your clients are happy to receive marketing emails and messages before you get in touch with them.

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