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How do I get reviews
How do I get reviews
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If there's one thing every beauty company needs, it's online reviews. Having lots of five-star reviews on your profile is the best way to build your online reputation, gain more visibility and increase your revenue.

One of the key ways to promote your salon online is therefore encouraging customers to leave reviews after using your services. Reviews play a vital role in building trust with your clients, but also in increasing the number of appointments. In fact, salons that have a good number of reviews see a significant increase in bookings through the Treatwell app and website.

Collecting customers' email addresses is the first step needed if you want to get the most out of your services. At the end of each appointment, we'll send them an email asking them to leave a review. Therefore, remember to always enter the email address when creating an appointment or keep your customers' address book updated by making sure that the email is present.

Promote online booking

Did you know that those who book online are more likely to leave a review? This is because we ask them to share their experience right after the appointment ends, without you having to worry about doing so.

Make online booking even easier for customers by adding the 'Book Now' button to your website and social media pages.

Also, ask for the email address of those who book by phone or in the salon

Asking for the email of customers who book by calling or dropping by the salon will allow you to update the Treatwell Pro Address Book and, thanks to this data, we will be able to send them a request for a review at the end of the appointment. Not only that - by registering an email address, even customers who don't book from the app or website will be able to receive reminders, invitations to book their next appointment and promotions launched by your salon.

Attention: before sending any communication campaign, always make sure that your customers have given their consent to receive emails and marketing messages.

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