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How to keep the client list up-to-date.
How to keep the client list up-to-date.
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Keeping client cards organized and complete allows Treatwell Pro to deliver the best performance. In fact, this information is essential not only for sending appointment confirmations and reminders, but also for promotional communications and greetings for special events.

In addition, by adding a client's email to their personal card in the Client List, clients can leave reviews on the salon and the services provided. The opinion expressed by customers is probably the best advertisement: therefore, it is essential that the information recorded on the cards is correct and as complete as possible.

Moreover, collecting a good amount of information will allow us to provide increasingly personalized services, increase customer loyalty, and strengthen the relationship of trust with clients.

How to modify a client card

In the "Client List" section of Treatwell Pro, in addition to adding a new client, it is possible to modify existing contacts. Just click on the person's name in the list to call up the page with all the customer's information.

The top of the card summarizes some of the client's salient information, such as name, surname, and any image, along with booking habits (future bookings, average spend, and last appointment).

On the right side there are three buttons:

  • The "Delete" button to delete the client card;

  • the "Blacklist" button: by activating it, the client will no longer be able to book appointments in the salon (it is possible to deactivate it by clicking the button again);

  • the "Redeem promotion with code" button, which allows you to quickly enter the code of a promotion to associate with the client.

The page is divided into several sections:

Personal information

In this section, it is possible to enter personal and contact information of the client, as well as some useful information for managing the profile with the functionalities of Treatwell Pro. The client list can be used for both private and business profiles.

Among the main data to be entered are:

  • Name;

  • Surname;

  • Adress;

  • Zip code;

  • City (to understand which area the customer base is located);

  • Email (essential to allow customers to leave reviews of appointments).

  • Phone (essential to receive confirmation and reminder messages for appointments)

  • Date of birth (useful for sending birthday wishes and any promotions);

  • Gender;

  • Weight and height (useful information in case salon equipment is used for specific treatments that require such parameters).

  • Tax code;

  • Notes (this field can be used to insert useful and important details about the customer, such as allergies, specific requests, notes that may help further personalize the service).

Other information:

  • Customer group (to place the customer in a specific group on which discounts/services or particular treatments are active)

  • Education;

  • Profession;

  • How did you find out about us (to understand how the customer learned about the salon, for example through word of mouth, social media, or browsing the Treatwell Marketplace storefronts);

  • PEC and SDI code (information necessary for issuing invoices).

Client history

In this section, all the appointments made by the client in the salon are visible. Among the useful information that can be collected in this area, we find:

  • team members who served them;

  • timings;

  • services requested;

  • missed or canceled appointments;

  • any important notes (such as color mixes or techniques used to be able to repeat the same service or modify it based on customer requests).

Client history, therefore, is essential to always have technical data on the services performed and optimize all salon resources.


The Statistics card analyzes some interesting data on the customer, including:

  • the trend of appointments;

  • services used in the salon and their preferences;

  • average spending;

  • booking frequency;

  • how long they have been a customer of the salon.


This section highlights the promotions currently active for the customer.


On the Gallery tab, you can add look photos for inspiration (often chosen by the client themselves) and shots showing the result achieved in the salon after the service. It could be a useful tool to have a visual reference in case the client requests a previously enjoyed service, in order to achieve the same result.

Data processing consent

This aspect of the form is particularly important because only through the customer's expressed consent is it possible to send communications to the customer, whether they be periodic (appointment confirmation and reminders) or promotional. For privacy management, we refer you to the dedicated article.

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