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How to keep the client list up-to-date
How to keep the client list up-to-date
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Having the client list in order and complete allows you to get the maximum benefit from Treatwell Pro. In fact, this information is important not only for sending confirmation and reminders of fixed appointments but also for promotional communications and for messages of good wishes on the occasion of special events.

Furthermore, adding a customer's email to their personal details in the Client List will allow the customer to leave reviews for the salon and the services performed. Customer opinions are probably the best advertisement. It is therefore essential that the customer details recorded are correct and as complete as possible.

Not only that but gathering a good amount of information allows the salon to further personalise services, increasing the degree of loyalty and strengthening the relationship of trust with customers.

How to edit customer details

In the "Client List" section of Treatwell Pro, in addition to adding a new customer, it is possible to edit existing contacts. Just click on the name of the person in the list to call up the page with all the information relating to the customer.

The upper part of the page summarises some important information about the customer, such as name, surname and a possible image of them, together with their booking habits (future bookings, average spend and their last appointment).

The Client List also includes profiles created by customers who have made an online booking through Treatwell's services (app, website or widget). In these cases, "Online" is displayed above their name.

The "Merge duplicates" option is available immediately under the name and is particularly useful if you want to merge two clients in the list. This function can also be used to combine an online profile with a manually registered client. In this case, it is always necessary to start from the online profile for the merge to be successful. However, it is not possible to merge two online profiles.

On the top right side of the page, there are three buttons:

  • The bin icon allows you to delete the customer;

  • The second icon is the "Blacklist" button. By activating it, the customer will no longer be able to book appointments in the salon (it can be deactivated by clicking on the button again);

  • The final icon is the "Redeem with code" button, which allows you to quickly enter a promotional code to be associated with the customer.

The page is divided into several sections:

Personal information

In this section, it is possible to enter the customer's personal and contact information, as well as some information useful for managing the profile with the Treatwell Pro features. The client list can be used for both customers with Private and Business profiles.

The main information to be entered includes:

  • Name;

  • Surname;

  • Address;

  • Postcode;

  • City (allows you to understand in which area the customer base is limited);

  • Email (essential for allowing customers to leave appointment reviews).

  • Phone (essential to send confirmation messages and reminders of the appointment)

  • Date of birth (useful for sending birthday wishes and any promos);

  • Gender Identity;

  • Weight and Height (useful information in case machines are used in the salon for specific treatments that require these parameters).

  • Tax Code;

  • Notes (in this box you can enter useful and important details about the customer, such as any allergies, specific requests, or other notes that can help further customise their service).

Other information:

  • Client Group (here you can add the customer to a specific group for which special discounts/services or treatments are active)

  • Education;

  • Occupation;

  • How did you hear about us (to understand how the customer got to know about the salon. For example by word of mouth, via social media or by browsing on the Treatwell Marketplace).

NB: It is possible to create a new contact and enter all the customer's information also from the appointment form, by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the name. The data entered will be saved in the Client List.

Client history

In this section, you can see all the appointments made in the salon by the customer. Among the useful information that can be collected in this section, we can find:

  • the team members who carried out their treatments;

  • the duration of the treatments;

  • the services requested;

  • any missed or cancelled appointments;

  • any important notes (for example colour blends or techniques used to be able to repeat the same service or modify it according to customer requests).

In the client history, it is therefore essential to always have any technical information about the services performed available in order to optimise the use of salon resources.


The Statistics tab analyses some interesting data about the customer, including:

  • the progress of appointments;

  • treatments they have had in the salon and their preferences;

  • their average spend;

  • the frequency of their bookings;

  • how long they have been a client at the salon.


This section outlines any active promotions that are currently associated with this customer.


In the Gallery tab, it is possible to add reference photos for the desired results of a treatment (often chosen by the client themself) and shots showing the results obtained in the salon after their treatment. It could be a useful tool to have a visual reference in case the customer requests a treatment they had in the past that they particularly liked in order to obtain the same result.

Data Processing Consent

This section of the form is particularly important because it is only through the consent given by the customer that communications can be sent to them, whether periodic (appointment confirmation and reminder) or promotional. Click here for the dedicated article on privacy management.

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