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How can I request clients' privacy consent?
How can I request clients' privacy consent?
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In order to be able to send clients the appointment confirmation text message, the reminder and any commercial communications, it is essential to have their consent to the processing of their personal data. The booking service offered by the salon also involves the collection of data and, therefore, it is necessary that the client has clearly and unequivocally agreed to the processing, in accordance with the GDPR (The EC Data Protection Regulation).

There are two ways on Treatwell Pro to indicate that consent has been received from clients:

  • From the Calendar

  • From the Client List

Before having consent and sending communications, you must ensure that you have the clients' details, such as email address and phone number.

From the Calendar

When you create an appointment in the Calendar, Treatwell Pro immediately warns you with a red message if a client (new or already in the client list) has not given consent to data processing: by clicking on the appointment tab, the warning is displayed above the client's name.

To make the request, simply click on the letter 'i' next to the name and then on the red bar at the bottom: this will redirect you to the section on sending the authorisation request.

In addition to consent on data processing, it is possible to request consent to send particularly useful communications, including

  • appointment updates (by sms and/or email)

  • marketing and promotions (by sms and/or mail);

  • personalised suggestions.

Once consent has been obtained, the 'Consent to data processing' box on the client's file can be activated. The latter may request the modification of his preferences at any time.

The various cases

  • If no preference is entered in the client file, Treatwell Pro will still send confirmation and reminder SMS;

  • If the client decides to be contacted by email only, they will not receive an SMS;

  • If the client decides to be contacted by both methods, they will receive both SMS and email.

From the client list

By entering the client list section from the Treatwell Pro side menu, you can enter or update consent on the "Consent & Privacy" tab on each contact's page.

Please note: in order to submit the Consent & Privacy form, you must ensure that you have enough credits on your account.

Meaning of the Consent & Privacy options

As already specified, clients can decide how and why they want to be contacted. Each option entered in the request allows the salon to send specific communications:

  • Consent to data processing: Clients who give the OK for processing authorise to receive:

  • Appointment confirmations

  • Appointment reminders

  • Cancellation notifications

  • Revision requests

  • Appointment Updates: by activating this option, the client agrees to receive all updates related to his or her appointment, including reminders and cancellations (by sms, by mail or both).

  • Marketing and promotions: by accepting this request, clients may receive any promotional newsletters (by sms, by email or both).

  • Personalised suggestions: By activating this option, the client who accepts the treatment may receive personalised promotional communications based on the treatments and products previously purchased.

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