We know sometimes your business may need a helping hand in bringing clients through the door. That's why on the "Online" section of your Treatwell Pro "Profile" we have three different options to make it easier than ever for clients to book with you.

Social media widget

By using a widget on your social media, clients can book you with the click of a button on your Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

To install the widget, go to the "Online" section of the "Profile" tab. Here, you'll find the option to connect your social media accounts simply by clicking the "Log in" button and entering your details. When you've logged in to the relevant accounts, your clients will then be able to book you via a "Book now" button that will link them directly to your menu from your social media.

When you have connected the account, you'll see "Successfully connected" and there will be an option to log out. If you wish to remove the booking widget on your social media, you'll need to click this button to log out and disconnect it.

Fee-free booking link

Fee-free* booking links allow you to receive bookings without incurring any commission charges, regardless of whether they're from a new or repeat client.

By including the fee-free booking link on your website and in marketing communications (or any other place you can think of!), clients will be taken directly to your venue page either on the Treatwell website or app (depending on the link you share).

*If the client chooses to pay at your venue, you'll pay absolutely nothing, and if they pay for their booking in advance, you'll just pay a small 2% processing fee.

App Clip

The App Clip allows clients with an iPhone to seamlessly make a booking with you without the need to download the app. By downloading the App Clip Code (click the blue "Download" button), you can print and place the code outside your salon to enable clients to book with you simply by scanning it. What's more, App clips enable your venue to be bookable directly from Apple Maps - making it easier than ever to keep those appointments coming in.

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