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How do I share my venue’s booking link to encourage online bookings?
How do I share my venue’s booking link to encourage online bookings?
Written by Victor
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In order to find your online booking link, just go to the "Profile" section of the side menu and then into the "Online" tab.

From this section you can:

  • insert a widget on all social pages, to allow customers to book directly from Facebook, Messenger or Instagram;

  • copy the booking link, to be shared via chat, social media, email or through the salon's web/social pages, to receive free appointments from the app or widget.

Widget for social media

By using a widget, customers can book with a simple click on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, directly from the salon's social media profile.

In the " Profile" area of ​​the menu, under the "Online" tab, the "Social" section gives you the option to connect social media accounts. By clicking "Log In", you can then enter your credentials for accessing Facebook, Instagram and/or Messenger, and follow all of the steps until the complete configuration.

Once the accounts have been successfully linked, the message "Succesfully connected" should be displayed and the "Log Out" button will become available, should you wish to remove the booking widget from the pages at a later time.

After completing the configuration, customers will see the "Book Now" button on the social page of the salon. Clicking on it will automatically open the Treatwell page for booking.

Booking link

Also in the "Profile" area of ​​the Treatwell Pro menu, under the "Online" tab, the booking link is available and can be copied and shared via social networks or through other channels. It can be inserted on the pages of your website, on the signature of your email or in SMS communications. Simply copy it by clicking on "Copy" and paste it into the desired area.

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