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The Clients Report in the Manager's menu is a detailed and comprehensive Breakdown of the salon's clients. This section provides useful data for analysing client behaviour and frequency, through data and graphs that are automatically generated by Treatwell Pro based on the appointments and sales recorded in the software.

Clients Report Dashboard

When you open the section, you are immediately shown a main panel with 4 key figures:

  • the number of new clients arriving at the salon;

  • the number of clients lost;

  • the degree of retention of new and existing clients (expressed as a percentage);

  • the average rate of return of clients.

The 'Period' and 'Segment' filters at the top allow you to view and analyse data according to specific periods and sectors (among the activities offered in the salon). Using the 'Period' filter it is possible to compare current data with previous periods.

By setting a comparison period, percentages will be shown next to the data, highlighted in red if there is a decrease or in green if there is an increase compared to the numbers of the previous period.

Also very useful is the 'Add Filter' option, which allows you to restrict the Breakdown according to specific client characteristics, e.g. age, gender and/or minimum spend. There are currently 20 filters available.

Client Portfolio

The Clients Park box shows both graphically and numerically data on:

  • new clients;

  • returned clients;

  • lost clients;

  • recovered clients.

For each data item the average clients' spend (average chip), the average number of services per appointment (services per chip) and the percentage of clients broken down by gender are provided.

Clicking on the "See Report" link will display a more detailed analysis of the Client Portfolio Report.

Client Frequency

This section provides an overview of the frequency of clients visiting the salon in different periods (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and occasionally). For each period examined, the percentage of appointments over passages and the average spend is shown.

By clicking on "See Report" you can access the Clients Frequency section and have a more detailed analysis of the data.

Outstanding Balance

The last box in the Client Report is dedicated to clients with outstanding accounts. In the foreground are shown

  • the total still owed;

  • the percentage weight of outstanding accounts on revenue;

  • the number of clients with suspensions;

  • the average duration of suspensions;

  • the average receipt of suspensions;

  • the percentage of suspensions collected in the period under review.

Clicking on the 'See Report' link shows the details of the 'Outstanding Balance' section

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