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How to set or change opening hours?
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Correctly setting the opening and closing hours of the salon and the shifts of the team members allows you to perfectly align the availability visible online and the working hours of the team members.

Customers will thus only have the opportunity to book during the times in which the salon is operational and a staff member is present. The time you set will also define the margins of the Treatwell Pro Calendar. As a result, the hours before opening and after closing will not be visible.

To set the opening and closing times of the salon, click on "Opening Hours" in the Treatwell Pro side menu and then on the subsection with the same name.

By selecting a day of the week from the list on the left, a page will open in which you can adjust:

  • opening hours (from… to….);

  • a break (in case the salon has a split schedule, closing in the middle of the day).

NB: Times from 11pm to 8am are not available for online booking.

The days on which the salon is closed can be deactivated by "turning off" the relative switch in the list on the left. In this way, they will no longer be visible either on the calendar or on the marketplace.

In this way, the salon's stable hours are set, which will be repeated weekly and set in the same way throughout the calendar.

To make further changes to your schedules, please refer to the guide " How do I block part of my calendar? "

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