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How do I block part of my calendar?
How do I block part of my calendar?
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It is possible to block certain agenda times through the following actions:

Setting salon hours

Correctly setting salon opening/closing times and staff members' shifts allows you to perfectly align the availability visible online and the staff members' working hours.

Clients will thus only be able to book at times when the salon is operational and at times when the staff are present. The time set will also define the margins of the Treatwell Pro agenda: as a result, the hours before opening and those after closing will not be visible.

To set the opening and closing times of your salon, you will first need to click on the "Opening Hours" item in the Treatwell Pro side menu and on the subsection of the same name.

By selecting a day of the week from the list on the left, you will open the editing page where you can enter

  • opening hours (from... to....);

  • break (in case the salon has a split schedule, closing in the middle of the day).

Days on which the salon is closed can be deactivated by 'switching off' the relevant switch in the list on the left: this way they will no longer be visible in either the calendar or the online booking services.

How to set up the extra working days of the salon

If necessary, it is possible to change the opening time of the salon, anticipating or postponing the default opening time. This can be set via the 'Extra working days' subsection, again from the 'Opening Hours' area of the side menu.

This function can be particularly useful in order to open booking availabilities also on public holidays (entered as a commanded closure according to the national calendar) or on days when the salon is usually closed.

To set up an extraordinary opening, the following data must be entered:

  • the opening date;

  • the opening time (from... to....);

  • a possible break.

How to set the planned closures of the salon

The subsection on 'Extraordinary closures' in the 'Timetable' area, on the other hand, refers to closures on particular days (e.g. on local festivities or weekdays when the salon will be closed exceptionally). National holidays, on the other hand, are already set automatically by Treatwell Pro, depending on the country of origin.

To set an exceptional closure, simply indicate the date on which the salon will not open and save the change.

In the event of an extraordinary closure, it is important to first check any existing bookings for the day to be 'blocked' (and reschedule them, if they have already been fixed).

How to set staff rotas

A further aspect that allows you to change the timetables visible in the diary and block the possibility of bookings at certain times of the day is the management of staff shifts. On Treatwell Pro, it is possible to set different working hours for individual staff members: in this way, clients who use the app or widget to make bookings will only see the working hours of team members.

To organise work shifts in the management system, you need to access the 'Staff' section of the side menu. By clicking on the name of an operator in the list, the editing page is displayed in the centre of the page, on which there is a 'Schedules' box.

Clicking on the "Manage" button in the box opens the edit screen for the employee's timetable and shifts. The following data can be set in this box

  • days of the week on which the employee works (by ticking the desired days);

  • shift start and end times (to be indicated on each working day);

  • any breaks during the day.

Once you have entered the required data, you can edit the 'Define Shifts' tab: through this option you can decide whether to apply the same shift to an employee all year round or define it month by month.

It is advisable to set shifts well in advance, so that the diary is already configured to receive future appointments correctly.

How to make daily changes to the staff schedule

This function allows you to quickly make changes to a staff member's working hours for a given day, thereby blocking certain portions of time in the diary on which appointments cannot be entered.

This option makes it possible to 'deactivate' certain time slots in the case of special events (illness, leave, lunch break, etc.): in this way, clients using the Treatwell app or widget to make bookings will not see the times when the staff member is not present.

The daily modification of the timetable can be accessed directly in the diary by clicking on the name of the desired employee.

Available options include:

  • Vacation

  • Lunch Break

  • Meeting

  • Commercial Appointment

  • Training

  • Recovering Time

  • Illness

  • Other salon

In all these cases, additional 'notes' can be entered to include important details about the change (e.g. the name of the representative with whom the sales meeting will be held in the case of an appointment).

The last three items on the daily staff schedule editing menu are:

  • Amend Working Days: allows you to change the working time of a staff member for the selected day only. You can increase or decrease the time set by default (the online availability for bookings will also change accordingly).

  • Print Recap: allows you to print the list of appointments of the staff member;

  • Overbooking: allows appointments to be entered outside the employee's default working hours.

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