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How to cancel an appointment?
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Treatwell Pro allows you to cancel appointments recorded in the calendar - both those booked directly in the salon and online bookings made by customers. However, the methods and time periods in which it is possible to proceed with appointment cancellation may vary according to each case.

How to cancel a direct appointment?

The procedure for cancelling an appointment is as follows:

  • Find the appointment you want to delete from the Calendar;

  • Click on the booking to open the appointment form;

  • Click on the "Delete" button (the red bin in the lower left corner).

Before cancelling an appointment, a pop-up message will appear asking: "What is the reason for cancelling this appointment?".
You can choose from the following 3 options:

  • "Salon Error (Booked By Mistake)": choose this option if there was an error during the booking (with the time booked, customer name, service etc) or if it is a test booking.

  • "Client Cancelled": choose this option if the customer has contacted the salon directly to cancel the appointment.

  • "Client Didn't Show Up": choose this response if the customer didn't show up for the appointment, without cancelling it in advance.

By selecting the "Client Didn't Show Up" option, if the same customer books for a subsequent day, a notification highlighted in red will be displayed on their card, with the words "Didn't show up to their last appointment".

If, on the other hand, the reason selected is " Client Cancelled", a pop-up will appear allowing you to choose whether to cancel only the selected service or all the treatments scheduled for that day.

It is particularly important to enter the correct cancellation method to allow the management system to generate updated statistics on bookings, providing useful data for your business, such as potential lost revenue, percentage of cancellations, and missed appointments. This information is visible in the Daily Overview.

How to cancel a prepaid online appointment

If a customer has made a reservation online and has already paid, the salon can move the appointment to another day.

The customer can cancel the appointment within the cancellation window (which is usually 3 hours). The cancellation window can be changed at any time by contacting the Customer Experience Team.

How to cancel an online appointment with payment at the salon

Even in the case of a reservation where pay at the venue has been selected as the preferred payment method, the options are the same:

  • the customer can reschedule the appointment for another day (recommended);

  • the customer can cancel the appointment only within their defined cancellation period. Usually 3 hours before the appointment, but it can be customised as they prefer.

How to cancel an appointment after check-in

Once the customer has checked in and the appointment on the agenda has changed colour to green, it will still be possible to cancel the reservation. Just click on the appointment card to open it and then click on the icon in the lower left corner marked with an arrow.

The appointment will return to the original colour and you can proceed with deleting the appointment following the methods described above.

Where to find cancelled appointments

It is possible to view the cancelled appointments directly under the customer information in the Client List section. These are divided by tabs into "Cancelled" and "No Show" (the appointments they didn't show up to without prior warning).

Cancelled or No Show appointments are also reported in the "Client Info" section under appointment information in the calendar:

Please Note: for specific cases or for special requests relating to cancellations and refunds, please contact Treatwell Customer Service.

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