How do I cancel an appointment?
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We know sometimes your appointments can't always go ahead as planned, which is why in some cases it may be necessary to cancel. Cancelling an appointment on Treatwell Pro is simple and gives an opportunity for another client to book with you.

How to cancel an appointment

Prepaid appointments

If a client has already paid for their appointment, you can only reschedule the booking for another time. If the client wants to cancel their appointment completely, and it's outside of your cancellation period, it's up to you to contact our Customer Care team in order to process the cancellation and refund the prepaid amount.

Pay at Venue appointments

For Pay at Venue appointments, you can cancel from 3 hours before the booking by following these simple steps:

  1. Search for the appointment you want to cancel in the "Calendar"

  2. Click on it to open the appointment card

  3. Click on the "Cancel" button (that's the red bin icon in the bottom left corner)

Before deleting the appointment, the system will ask you: "Why does this appointment need to be cancelled?" You can choose between the following 3 options:

  • “Salon error (booked by mistake)": choose this option if there is an error (client name, services, etc...) or if it’s a test booking

  • "Client cancelled": choose this option if the client has contacted you directly to cancel the appointment

  • "Client didn’t show up": choose this answer if the client didn't show up for the appointment, without cancelling it beforehand

Please note: Answering the questions on cancelled appointments correctly allows the system to generate updated statistics on bookings, providing useful data such as potential revenue lost, as well as the percentage of cancellations and missed appointments for your business. To check this information go to “Manager”, click on "Company report" and in the "Appointment Breakdown" box, click on “See report”.

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