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How do I apply a discount when checking out an appointment?
How do I apply a discount when checking out an appointment?
Written by Victor
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Discounting the price of a product and/or treatment at the checkout stage is straightforward, and gives you more flexibility whether you're rewarding a loyal client or turning a negative experience around.

Once the treatment has taken place, head to the "Cash" section from the main menu and click the appointment that you're checking out.

You will be taken to the payment summary, like the one in the image below. The "Discount" section is visible both in the services box and in the "purchased products" box (just in case you're giving a discount on one part of the appointment specifically).

You can apply the discount by percentage or by monetary value - choose the option by clicking on the three dots next to the word "Discount".

You can also enter a discount on the total appointment cost (either in combination with the discount you've already applied to the service/product or by itself) by entering the percentage or the amount to be deducted from the “Subtotal” box.

Once you've applied the discount to the products/services as necessary, select the client's preferred payment method click the "Finish" button.

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