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How do I send a thank you SMS after an appointment?
How do I send a thank you SMS after an appointment?
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In order to build their loyalty, it's important to show your clients you're grateful that they chose you to deliver their treatment. Sending a thank you message after their appointment is one way to do this, and will encourage your clients to rebook with you. On Treatwell Pro, it couldn't be easier to create a personalised text message that can be sent to clients automatically following their booking.

To create and send a thank you SMS message, go to the "Marketing" section of the side menu and click on "Create new marketing campaign", Choose "Start from scratch" from the selection of templates that appear.

On the creation page that opens, you'll need to:

  1. Enter the name of your campaign (the name that the template is saved with in the system)

  2. In the "Filters" section, choose the option "Has been in the last" and set the desired time frame (e.g. "one day" if you want to send the thank you SMS to all clients who came to the salon yesterday)

  3. Tick "SMS"

  4. Change the name of the sender by clicking on "Customise", and choosing the name of your salon (you'll automatically be taken to the "Profile" page to make the change). In this way, the text sent will have the salon's name as the sender, rather than a telephone number

  5. Write the thank you message (max. 160 characters for one text message) - Remember: using an emoji may require more than one character

  6. Click on the message "Save draft" to save the template without sending it (you can do that later) or "Send preview" to test sending the SMS to your phone number to forward it to your customers later. Before confirmation, you can decide whether to send the SMS immediately, schedule a repeat sending or send it on a specific day, depending on your preferences.

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