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How do I send a birthday SMS?
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With Treatwell Pro it's possible to create and send a happy birthday text message - giving you a chance to not only highlight your venue's great customer service but also to offer special promotions to those celebrating their birthday. The process follows the same steps as sending a thank you text message, but using a specific filter designed specifically for clients' birthdays.

Please note: it's important to know that this functionality is only available to clients whose birthday has been correctly saved on their client card in the client list.

How to send a birthday message

To send a birthday message to a client, you'll first need to go to the "Marketing" area of the menu and click on the "Create new marketing campaign" button. Choose the "Happy Birthday" option from the available templates. Then, fill in the form by entering the following information:

  1. Name of the communication (it will be saved with this name for next time)

  2. Filters: from the filters available, choose "Birthday" and the day on which to send the message (if you're offering a promotion, you might want to send the message with enough advanced notice for the client to book)

  3. Tick "SMS"

  4. Sender: click on "Customise" if you want to change the sender's name displayed in the message

  5. Write the text of the SMS (max 160 characters for a single message, using an emoticon may require more than one character)

Click "Preview" and enter your own phone number to view a preview of the message.

Finally, choose when to send the communication to your clients ("immediately", "schedule repeat sending" or "send on a specific day"). Continue and confirm to send the SMS.

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