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How can I check the performance of my team members?
How can I check the performance of my team members?
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With Treatwell Pro you're able to monitor the performance of each team member, in terms of the revenue they generate and their reviews from your clients. The "Team Members Report" offers a complete and detailed analysis, which can be filtered by time period and treatment type.

To access the report, choose the "Manager" option from the side menu and then click on "Team Members Report".

At the top of the page, you'll find the "Period" filters (to filter results according to a specific period of time or comparative period) and "Segment" (treatment types available in your salon).

Immediately below that, you'll see a report of your employees' performance, for example, the average revenue of appointments per employee, the average review score (based on a score from 1 to 5), and how many new or repeat clients they treat.

Reviews and retention

If you scroll down, you'll see the section for reviews and retention rate, with information broken down by employee.

By clicking "See Report", you'll see a greater breakdown of the reviews and the scores obtained. You can see a graph showing the review trends over time, the score given in reviews, the average score per employee, the distribution of the score, and the average score according to the service requested.

By default, you'll see the data for the previous month, but it's also possible to filter the results according to a different period of time, using the "Period" option on the top left. With the same filter, you can also decide to compare the results with the same period of the previous year (52 weeks) or with a custom time frame.


The third area of the "Team Member Report" page is dedicated to "Profitability". Using the circular graph, you can get a good idea of your most popular services. The table shows the ratio between the number of customers and the services provided. At the bottom, you'll find other important information, such as the percentage of new clients, the revenue brought in by employees (broken down by services and products), and the daily visits per staff member.

By clicking on "See report", you can view the data in more detail, such as the average number of products and services offered in the salon, the analysis of revenue by client gender, or how each team member impacts your revenue. Profitability data can be filtered by period, employee, and sector using the bars at the top of the page.

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