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How do I compare my salon's revenue with the previous year?
How do I compare my salon's revenue with the previous year?
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With Treatwell Pro you'll be able to carry out an independent analysis of your business' performance (revenue, client attendance, turnover, etc.) based on the data recorded during your daily activities. And that's not all - it’s also possible to compare current trends with the previous year, in order to have a more complete financial picture of treatment, promotion, and product trends.

In order to view an up-to-date report on the salon's performance, select the "Manager" option from the main menu and then "Trend Report".

The first part of the page shows the total revenues at the top of the first column, while the following columns show the revenues divided by services, products and promotions. Under each option, you can see the amounts and percentages for each category, as well as details of the average spend per appointment and total attendance. It’s also possible to filter the data according to the sector (hairdressing, beauty, spa).

Compare revenues with the previous year

When looking at the "Trend Report", the default period shown to you is the previous month, but it's also possible to modify that according to your needs.

To compare the salon's revenues with the same period in the previous year, click on the "Period" box on the top left of the screen, tick "Compare with" and set the option "52 weeks". Then click "Apply".

The table will then show the data from the previous year, with the percentages in green if there has been an increase and in red if there has been a decrease in revenue compared to last year.

Scrolling further down the page, you can see four graphs. These break down your data based on client attendance, turnover, transactions, and new customers. These graphs are interactive - by moving the cursor within each table, you can gain further details and insights.

View detailed revenue data

To get an even more detailed idea of the salon's revenue, while keeping a comparison with the same period of the previous year, you can go to the "Company Report" area from the side menu, look for the "Business Breakdown" section on the page and click on the "See report" link.

On this page, you can check a wide range of data, including:

  • Revenue and average customer spend by sector (hairdressing, beauty salon, spa)

  • The breakdown of revenue by the gender

  • Detailed information on each service (such as the average transaction, revenue, and quantity required for each treatment during the period under review)

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