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How do I send an SMS to clients to encourage online bookings?
How do I send an SMS to clients to encourage online bookings?
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Online booking offers countless advantages to the salon, both in terms of organising work between members of staff and for better managing client needs during appointments.

That's why it's important to encourage customers to book online, for example by sending text messages inviting them to use the Treatwell Pro tools (the website or the app). To create a text message with Treatwell Pro, first go to the Marketing section in the side menu and, as soon as the page loads, click on the "Create new marketing campaign" button.

From the templates page, choose "Empty template" or another one from the available options: in any case, the software allows you to partially or fully modify them, according to your needs.

The page that initially appears is designed to create emails: therefore, you must choose "sms" by clicking or, in the case of touch screens, by touching the circle next to the option.

To create a successful text message, the following details must be entered:

  • the name of the campaign (as it will be saved in the Marketing section on Treatwell Pro)

  • the filters to choose the recipients of the sms (for more information on how the filters work you can have a look at the complete guide on how to create and send a campaign with Treatwell Pro);

  • the sender (by clicking on "Customise" you can enter the name of the salon or the telephone number that will be displayed by the customer as the recipient of the message);

  • the body of the message (160 characters for each text message). Below the box where you type the message, there is a counter for the number of characters and one for the number of text messages used for the campaign (Please note: the use of emojis may use up more characters than simple text). To the side, you can immediately see a preview of how the text message will look on your smartphone's display.

Here are some examples of sms invitations to book online that you can copy and paste into the box or use as inspiration:

We haven't forgotten you! Book an appointment on our salon page at [booking link] to get a 10% discount off the entire price list!

After the rain, there's always sunshine ;) Book now and come back even more beautiful than before! [booking link].

We're finally back! Come back to us soon, we have a surprise in store for you ;) Book on [booking link].

The message you create can be saved as a draft or sent immediately by clicking on the "Send preview" button at the bottom. Before actually sending it, you are asked to enter your number to preview the message on your phone.

If the preview displayed on your smartphone is correct, you can continue, following the instructions on the screen. Finally, you are given the option of saving the template with your other campaigns, so that you can use it again at a later date.

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