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Treatwell customers can now book directly in Apple Maps
Treatwell customers can now book directly in Apple Maps
Written by Sara Lindgren
Updated over a week ago

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new integration with Apple that makes booking your services on Treatwell even more seamless for your customers. With the introduction of AppClip, customers who rely on Apple Maps to discover salons can now book appointments directly through Treatwell, even if they don't have the Treatwell app installed on their devices.

What is AppClip?

AppClip is a feature that allows customers to access essential functionalities of the Treatwell app without the need for a full download. This means that potential customers browsing salons on Apple Maps can instantly book appointments through Treatwell, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of booking online!

How do customers book you in Maps?

When customers discover your salon on Apple Maps and decide to book an appointment, they can do so seamlessly, without leaving the Maps app.

The process is incredibly straightforward! AppClip uses a temporary snippet of the Treatwell app to facilitate the booking process while the customer is still in Maps.

This way, customers can complete their booking smoothly and efficiently without leaving the Apple Maps interface.

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