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Utilising PayPal Finance with Treatwell
Utilising PayPal Finance with Treatwell
Written by Sara Lindgren
Updated over a week ago

Understanding PayPal Finance:

PayPal offers two types of finance options:

  1. PayPal Credit: Similar to a credit card but without a physical card, PayPal Credit provides users with a credit limit linked to their PayPal account. This enables them to spread out the cost of their online purchases over time.

  2. PayPal Pay in 3: This option allows users to split their purchases into three payments. The first payment is due at the time of purchase, with the following payments scheduled monthly on the same date.

More benefits for you and your clients:

In times of tight budgets, PayPal Finance provides a valuable solution for clients to manage the cost of more expensive services, such as Aesthetic treatments or Laser Hair Removal courses. It helps them effectively manage their budgets while still booking the treatments they desire.

Can your clients use PayPal Finance on Treatwell?

Absolutely! Your clients can use PayPal Finance when booking services on Treatwell. They simply need to select PayPal as their payment method at checkout and choose their preferred finance option when redirected to PayPal's platform. It's a straightforward process for them.

How to direct your clients to PayPal Finance:

We recommend you:

  1. Direct existing clients to book via your Marketplace Profile: Ensure your existing clients are listed in your Treatwell client list. This prevents commission charges on loyal clients. If you're unsure how to add clients to the list, follow the appropriate guidelines for your software version.

  2. Direct new or existing clients to book via your Booking Widget: Whether integrated into your website, Facebook, Instagram, or presented as a QR code, bookings made through the Booking Widget bypass new client commission fees.

Once clients have selected their desired treatment, whether through your Marketplace Profile or Booking Widget, they simply need to select PayPal at checkout and choose between Pay in 3 or PayPal Credit.

How and when do you get paid?

Great news - PayPal Finance won’t affect the amount or day of your invoices! As soon as the booking is processed, it will be paid for. PayPal then handles the collection of payments from your clients, ensuring a smooth transaction process for you.

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