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How to make an order from the warehouse
How to make an order from the warehouse
Written by Deborah Deiana
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On Treatwell Pro it is possible to place orders which will be automatically received by your supplier, both for the purchase of new products and for the purchase of products in understock. First of all, you must access the "Sent Orders" area, under the "Warehouse" section of the side menu.

Then click on the "+" button in the top left corner or on the "Create a new one" link in the centre of the page to create a new order.

From the creation window, you can choose between two different options:

  • Add from products in stock (this option allows you to have a list of all items that the warehouse detects as "understock" i.e. a quantity that is less than the minimum quantity you set for this product);

  • Start with no products (this option allows you to create an order of new products).

Add understock products

Type the supplier's name in the “Supplier Name” bar and select the desired option from the drop-down menu. Then click on "Continue" to proceed.

The order automatically includes the understock products, but it is still possible to insert more by clicking on the "Add product to order" button (in this case it is necessary to insert the product name, the barcode and the quantity ).

NB: The quantities of all the products added to the order (both those automatically added as understock and those added manually) can be changed quickly from the page, by clicking on the numbers under the "Required" column

Finally, click on "Confirm and send order" to finish or on "Save as draft" to send it at a later time.

Place a new order

Type the supplier's name in the "Supplier Name" bar and select the "Start with no products" option. Then click on "Continue".

Click on the " Add Product " button and enter the required information, in particular manufacturer name, product name and quantity. It is also advisable to enter the barcode, to make the order more complete and less prone to errors. Click on "Add" to insert the product in the order. Repeat the same operation for all the products to be purchased.

Finally, click on "Confirm and send order" to forward it or on "Save as draft" to send it at a later time.

Orders saved as drafts can be recalled by accessing the "Orders sent" area from the menu (under "Warehouse") and clicking on the items in the left side column.

Any order can be cancelled by clicking on the "Cancel" button at the top left. If, on the other hand, you want to simply remove a product from the order (for example because it was added by mistake) just click on the bin icon next to the item to be cancelled.

What to do when you receive your order

Once the order has been received, you need to access the "Sent Orders" area, under the "Warehouse" section, and click on the desired order from the list on the left. Then click on the "Invoice Received" button.

At this point, it is necessary to carry out a check between the quantities ordered and those actually received (and to modify the quantities in case there have been errors on the delivery).

Then click on the following buttons:

  • Upload to warehouse” (to add the products and update quantities in the Warehouse area of ​​Treatwell Pro);

  • Invoice received” (if the document has already been received);

  • "Save invoice and set deadlines" (to set the methods and timing for the payment of the order).

From the "Define deadlines" window, confirm and enter the following data:

  • Invoice date;

  • Payment number (from the same drop-down menu it is also possible to choose the “Direct remittance” option);

  • Every (refers to the frequency of the instalments. This option must not be changed in the case of direct remittance);

  • From (when the payment of the first instalment or lump sum payment in the case of direct remittance will be made).

After entering all the required data, click on "Continue".

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