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From UALA to Treatwell: what changes you need to know about
From UALA to Treatwell: what changes you need to know about
Written by Alex Bua
Updated over a week ago

From 31 July 2023, UALA's booking service will be fully integrated with Treatwell. This is the last step of the merger process between the two platforms which was started last year. This union was decided to improve our services and guarantee you an even more effective salon management experience.

What changes for your salon?

Your salon is already listed on the Treatwell platform, both on the app and on the website. This means that you won't have to take any action and you can immediately count on greater visibility. Treatwell, in fact, is established in various European markets, with a large user base and thousands of monthly bookings through apps, widgets and the Web portal.

What changes for customers?

There will be no changes for customers using the service either. Although no longer active for bookings, the UALA marketplace will still be available. Users will be automatically redirected to the Treatwell app or website upon booking.

What will happen to the salon reviews?

The 50 most recent reviews of your salon have been redirected to Treatwell, as only 50 ratings will be displayed on our platform. However, it is possible to receive an unlimited number of them from customers.

What changes for billing?

The invoicing process with Treatwell has been made simpler and more streamlined. Once all bookings made with UALA have been completed, you will receive documents exclusively through Treatwell's new system, via condensed and easy-to-read monthly invoices.

How to ask for assistance

If you have any questions or concerns about switching from UALA to Treatwell, you can contact our support team or your Account Manager.

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