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Introducing: Treatwell Rewards
Introducing: Treatwell Rewards
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Treatwell Rewards is our new loyalty program which will not only reward your customers for their loyalty but will also benefit your salon! By earning points with bookings, customers will be encouraged to choose you for their next appointments and, thanks to their reviews, they will value your work even more on the Marketplace.

How does it work?

Customers will earn points with Treatwell every time they book and leave an online review. Once they reach the threshold of 1,500 or 2,500 points, they will be able to redeem a voucher (for 10 or 25 euros/pounds) to spend in your salon, by booking a new appointment through the Treatwell Marketplace.

What are the benefits for my salon?

Treatwell Rewards encourages customers to book with you and leave reviews, but discourages missed bookings and last-minute cancellations - by deducting points from their balance if they miss an appointment, your customers will be more likely to reschedule and less willing to cancel at the last moment.

How can my customers sign up?

Customers are automatically enrolled in Treatwell Rewards as soon as they create a Treatwell account. Make sure all your customers have downloaded our App and created their account so you both can get the full benefits of the Treatwell Rewards programme.

Please note: customers will only receive points for their booking when the appointment has actually been registered and carried out. If you or your client cancel the appointment, the points will be lost.

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