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How do I book a patch test for my clients?
How do I book a patch test for my clients?
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Patch tests may be needed for certain treatments that carry the risk of your client suffering from an allergic reaction. We know this only adds to salon admin, so on Treatwell Pro, you can set treatments that require a patch test. When these treatments are booked, Treatwell Pro will add a 15-minute slot for a patch test within 72 hours before the appointment.

It is important that the customer has carried out a patch test with a negative result or has performed the service without any reaction within the last 6 months, to rule out the possibility of an allergy.

Making patch tests mandatory

If you'd like to make a patch test obligatory for a treatment, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the "Menu" section of Treatwell Pro and from the left-hand side, either select a treatment or add a new one using the "+".

2) Scroll down the page to find the section for patch tests and activate the toggle to make patch tests mandatory for that treatment.

We recommend indicating that a service needs a patch test by adding this information in the service details (see procedure here).

By doing so, customers will be able to see this when booking in the marketplace.

Booking patch tests

if the client hasn't had a patch test before for that treatment:

When a client hasn't had a patch test before, Treatwell Pro automatically books a 15-minute slot at least 72 hours before the treatment is due to go ahead.

The patch test will be booked at the same time and same team member exactly 72 hours before the appointment, if this time is not available, Treatwell Pro will advance the patch test to the previous day. This change can be seen in the bar in red with the words "Patch test missing".

If the client requires the time or day of the Patch Test to be changed, this can be done by clicking on 'View' in the red bar and choosing a suitable day and time that is earlier than 72 hours before the appointment.

From this screen, it can also be indicated that the Patch Test has already been done by the client and can be deleted.

Use this tool if the client has already done a patch test for that treatment (and received a negative result) in the last 6 months:

Enter the date on which it was carried out.

If the appointment has booked last minute

If an appointment that require a patch test has booked within the 72h window (for example for today, for tomorrow, etc...) the test can only be scheduled for in the same day of the appointment. Click on "Book" to assign 15-minute slot on the agenda before treatment to carry out the test.

The same rule applies to both appointments booked in the salon and bookings from the marketplace.

Reporting patch test results

In order to report the results, you need to check in the patch test appointment by clicking the blue button on the appointment card for the patch test.

If you then go to the appointment card for the original booking, you'll be able to report your results by clicking "Update" on the orange banner.

Here you'll be given the option to select whether the patch test is positive or negative.

Please note: A negative patch test means there was no allergic reaction to the treatment.

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