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How do I read and reply to reviews?
How do I read and reply to reviews?
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Reviews are a great opportunity for you and your potential clients to get an insight into the quality of service you're delivering at your venue. By reading these reviews, you're able to see where your strengths and weaknesses (if there are any!) lie to ensure you're always performing at your best.

With Treatwell Pro, you can also use reviews as a tool to respond to your client's feedback - whether it's to thank them for their kind words or to apologise after a negative experience.

Reviews on Treatwell Pro

You can easily find all of your reviews on Treatwell Pro by going to the "Reviews" section in the main menu. Here you'll find all of your reviews displayed on the left-hand side. When you click on a review, you'll see:

  • Overall rating - this is the one displayed on the Marketplace next to each client's review

  • Treatments evaluation - the rating given for that treatment

  • Salon evaluation - clients give a rating for the following factors:

    • Cleanliness

    • Atmosphere and Renvironment

    • Staff

  • Comment - every client has the option to leave a short comment to give more details about their experience

Please note: You won't be able to see anonymous reviews and reviews without an associated booking on Treatwell Pro.

Replying to reviews

On Treatwell Pro, you have the option to reply to a review that your client has submitted. Once you've written your reply, it can take up to 24 hours to appear on the Marketplace.

Please note: You can only reply once to a review and this reply can be edited up to 2 hours after the original response was written. If you notice your reply has disappeared, it may be because it doesn't meet our guidelines.

Reviews on the Marketplace

On the Marketplace, your venue will be displayed with an overall review rating displayed next to it which is calculated using all of the reviews you've received.

Next to each client's review, the overall score they gave will be shown, along with their comment and your reply.

The Treatments and Salon evaluations will be shown as averages of the ratings given by all your clients - individual evaluations won't be visible.

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