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What are the different reports?
What are the different reports?
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Reports on Treatwell Pro give you a helpful insight into the performance of your business - from your most popular treatments to the working hours of your team members. With these reports, you'll be able to learn about what really makes your business tick and to keep those profits coming in year after year.

Each report covers a specific area of your business:

The Stock Report gives you an analysis of the performance of your products and their rotation. This helps you to learn which products are popular and those that aren't used so often.

This report tells you the stock levels for a specific date, giving you a snapshot of your warehouse on a certain day.

The Client Report gives you an insight into the behaviour of your clients, including your client retention and the frequency of their visits.

The Company Report is similar to the Trend Report, but it gives a deeper analysis of profitability, and appointment and cost analysis. Within the Company Report, you can also find:

  • Multi-Salon Company Report

  • Multi-Salon Profitability Report

  • Appointments Report

  • Profitability Report

The Team Member Report gives you invaluable information about the performance of your team members, including their reviews and client retention.

This report enables you to look at a breakdown of your revenue, with the variety of filters you can look at individual components of your daily proceeds.

The Trend Report shows you an overview of your business performance over a specified time span, enabling you to look at average trends.

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