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How to "check in" and "check out" an appointment
How to "check in" and "check out" an appointment
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Treatwell Pro automatically generates data and statistics that allow you to better organise your salon's business, control expenses/revenues and manage appointments from booking to completion. To obtain reliable and consistent data, appointments must be managed and processed correctly within the management system:

  • The check-in function allows you to update the appointment in Calendar, visually showing which have started are and in progress;

  • The check-out function, on the other hand, is useful for signalling the end of the appointment.

Please Note: check that the client's e-mail has already been registered in the client list (if it is not yet present, a dedicated bar will appear in which to enter it on the appointment card). Only with this information will clients be able to leave a review on the service provided on Treatwell.

Appointment check-in

When a client enters the salon, it is first necessary to click on the check-in button at the bottom right of the appointment card, directly from the diary. The appointment will change colour to green, indicating that the service is 'in progress'.

It is possible to change the current appointment by adding additional services: to do so, go to the 'Cash' section from the side menu and, once the appointment is selected, click on the '+' button.

How to check out your appointment

When the appointment draws to a close, simply click on the blue credit card icon in the bottom right-hand corner on the appointment card to quickly access the 'Cashier' and proceed to payment.

From the 'Cash' it is possible to check the services, prices and employees who performed the treatment. During this step, you can add any products to be sold to the client.

At the end of the payment procedure, select the payment method chosen by the client from among:

  • Cash;

  • Cards

  • Cheque

  • Bank Transfer;

It is possible to enter combined payments (e.g. cash and cards): in this case, simply enter the relevant amounts in the corresponding boxes.

For cash payments, Treatwell Pro automatically calculates the change owed due based on the amount received by the client.

Please note: if you do not check out appointments during the day, the management system will do so automatically at midnight.

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