Reserve with Google FAQs
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What is Reserve with Google?

Book with Google is an exciting feature available to all our Partners.

It offers you another option to grow your business online: your customers will be able to book directly with Google through search results or by viewing your salon on Google Maps.

They will be able to find you through the name of your salon, but also by carrying out more generic searches based on geographical location, for example by typing "Hairdressers in Milan" on Google or Google Maps or simply "Hairdressers in the area", if they have GPS active on their smartphone .

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How can I activate or deactivate the service?

To request activation or deactivation of the service you can fill out the dedicated form by clicking here.

Can customers still find my number on Google?

Yes, your salon information (such as website, phone number, etc.) will always appear above the Book Now button , so all clients will still be able to find it easily.

Will it affect my Google Ads?

No, if you are using Google Ads, your ads will not be affected by the Reserve with Google feature . They will simply complete your setup and potentially increase your business.

Will this stop people from calling me directly?

No, Book with Google is an addition to your online presence that allows customers to reserve an appointment in just a few clicks, expanding and improving their booking experience.

Your phone number and website will still remain the primary information, giving customers the option to contact you directly if they prefer.

If my loyal customers book through Google, will they be recognized?

Of course, if your customer list is always updated, bookings through Google will follow the usual rules of distinction between new and loyal customers.

If customers book through Google, will they be invited to leave a review?

Good news! By completing their booking directly on the Treatwell Marketplace, they will not only be asked to leave a review, but will also receive reminders, invitations to rebook and more. You can send customers a link (encouraging them to download the App and book at your salon in seconds) directly from Treatwell Pro

On your Google My Business profile, customers will be able to see your review score, based on an average of your Treatwell reviews. To improve your score, encourage customers to leave a positive review on your Treatwell page if they are satisfied with their experience.

Also always encourage your team to gather customer feedback once a treatment is finished and then ask for a review. Take some time to explain which channels your salon is present on: Google My Business, Facebook and, of course, your Treatwell page.

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