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What is 'Reserve with Google'?

‘Reserve with Google’ is an exciting feature available for all our Partners. It offers you another way to grow your business online as clients will be able to make a reservation with you directly through Google – either via the search results or while discovering your salon in Google Maps.

How will I know when a client makes a reservation through Google?

You will get your usual email/SMS from us when a client makes a reservation and the reservation will appear in Treatwell Pro, so you can keep track and manage all your reservations with ease.

Which slots will be available to clients to reserve?

As always your availability on Google is shared via your Pro Calendar, so make sure yours is up to date!

Can clients still find my number on Google?

Your website, phone number etc will always appear above the ’Book Now’ button, so clients looking for this information will still be able to find it easily.

Will Google show my discounted prices?

No, at the moment Google will only show your full-price booking options to clients.

Will this affect my Google ads?

If you’re running your own Google ads these won’t be impacted, it will just complement your existing setup and will potentially bring even more business to you.

Will this stop people from calling me directly?

No, the 'Reserve with Google' is an addition to your online presence, allowing clients to book in just 3 clicks. This will give clients the option to book outside of your normal opening hours, increasing the potential for bookings and improving the experience for clients.

Your phone number and website will remain the top information, giving clients the option to contact you directly if they prefer.

Will clients still receive review requests after RwG bookings?

If the customer has entered the telephone number when booking the appointment, they will receive the review request.

Are there any restrictions on the types of treatments that can be booked?

The following health and fitness services aren’t supported:

  • Doctors, dentists, and surgery

  • Medical spas that aren’t covered by insurance

  • In-home trainers

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