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The treatment was provided at a different price, what do I do?
The treatment was provided at a different price, what do I do?
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Occasionally, you may provide a treatment at a different price than it was booked at, for example, if the customer didn't receive all of their treatments. In this case, we'd be more than happy to adjust the commissions to reflect the final price. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to change the price at the checkout.

Pay at venue bookings

1) Head to the "Calendar" in Treatwell Pro, where you will need to click on the appointment card for the relevant client.

2) At the bottom of the card, select the blue button to confirm the client has arrived for their appointment.

3) When you have checked the client in for their appointment and you have delivered your service, you will see the blue button become a credit card icon.

4) If you click this credit card icon, you will be directed to the "Cash" section of Treatwell Pro, where you will be able to change the price of the treatments or delete any that have not been delivered.

5) When you have changed the prices, you can click "Finish" to check out the appointment.

This booking will now appear in your reports at an accurate price. You'll need to contact us to adjust the commissions.

Prepaid bookings

In the case that the booking has been prepaid on Treatwell or via your booking widget, you'll need to contact our Customer Experience Team to partially refund the customer.

In both of the above cases, our finance team will need to manually adjust the commissions for the booking, so don't forget to reach out to us.

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