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Why can't my salon be found on the Treatwell marketplace?
Why can't my salon be found on the Treatwell marketplace?
Written by Victor
Updated over a week ago

If your salon isn't showing up in search results, or when looking for it by name, there are a few things that could be the cause. Check each of the points below to learn what's going wrong and how to fix it.

You don't have any availability

If your calendar is blocked, or your only available slots are shorter than the duration of your quickest treatment, you won't show up on the marketplace. This is to avoid cluttering the marketplace with salons that aren't available for clients to actually book.

To fix this, unblock your calendar, or consider increasing your opening hours so that you can see more clients through the day.

Your account isn't live

If you're in the process of joining Treatwell or have taken some time away and asked us to disable your account, we won't advertise your salon on the marketplace. This is to avoid showing salons on the marketplace who aren't currently working with us.

If you're ready to accept appointments again, get in touch and we'll reactivate your account.

You don't have any treatments on your menu

If you don't have any treatments on your service menu, your salon will be hidden from search results. This is because our search results heavily depend on what treatment the client is looking to book. If you don't offer any services, we wouldn't know where to surface your salon to clients.

By adding services to your menu, you'll reappear on the marketplace within an hour or so.

Your treatments can't be booked

If you have services on your menu, but haven't assigned a team member to be able to perform them, or haven't selected which days of the week they're available, they won't appear on your menu.

You can fix this by checking and editing the service in your menu.

Your resources have been set up incorrectly

Resources are a great way to ensure you can't receive more bookings than you have the facilities to provide. If you have assigned services to your equipment incorrectly, they can cancel each other out and your services won't show online.

Check your settings to make sure your resources are set up correctly.

You have a short booking limit or lead time

Your lead time and booking limit determine how soon or far into the future your clients can book you. Of course, the shorter your lead time and the longer your booking limit, the larger the window that clients have to book their treatments.

Check both of these settings to make sure you're giving clients plenty of opportunities to book.

Your search isn't supposed to include you in the results

The marketplace is designed so that clients can use search filters to narrow down their results and find a salon best suited to what they want. This means you might not appear in some search results. For example, if you only offer hair services, you won't appear in searches for a massage, or if your salon is set up as a makeup studio, you won't appear in searches for nail treatments.

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