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What are maintenance services and why should I add them?
What are maintenance services and why should I add them?
Written by Victor
Updated over a week ago

You can make the most out of your partnership with Treatwell by setting up your menu in a way that encourages customers to book with you repeatedly. This lets you build up a relationship with regular clients – and you don’t pay commission when they return again and again.

A great way to make this happen is by offering maintenance services, so your clients can come back to your salon rather than having to look elsewhere.

Anything that means your clients can return to you to upkeep a service you originally provided is a maintenance service. Common maintenance services include infills, refills and removal for gel nails, nail extensions and eyelash extensions. Top ups for semi-permanent makeup plus root colouring and fringe trims are also popular.

Adding these will really help increase your bookings and build your base of repeat clients. On top of that, it saves you time when adding a direct or walk-in appointment to Treatwell Pro.

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