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What is an appointment "Lead Time"?
What is an appointment "Lead Time"?
Written by Victor
Updated over a week ago

Setting an appointment "Lead Time" is a useful tool to help you manage reservations better. The "Lead Time" is the minimum time the client can book a treatment before it's due to take place.

For example, if your "Lead Time" is set to 2 hours and a client is in the process of making a booking at 2pm, the first available appointment that they would be able to book would be at 4pm. If your venue isn't open when the client is booking the appointment, the 2 hours would start from your opening time.

Having a shorter lead time makes it even more important to ensure your calendar is always up to date, to avoid any scheduling mishaps when a client books you.

You can change your "Lead Time" for all services by contacting us (but bear in mind this will likely impact how many clients book you online).

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