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How to modify a product in stock
How to modify a product in stock
Written by Victor
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From the Products area of the Treatwell Pro Warehouse, you can not only add new products, but also edit existing ones. This function is particularly useful for editing product information, stock information and for making the product purchasable online.

From the side menu of Treatwell Pro, click on 'Stock' and on 'Products';

from the list, click on the name of the product for which you want to make the change (you can speed up the search by typing the name or the barcode on the top bar).

In addition to the product sheet, four buttons appear on the page:

  • Unload: allows you to unload a product from the warehouse that has been used for internal use;

  • Rectify: allows you to change the quantity of product in the warehouse;

  • Movements: keeps track of changes to some product data, such as the barcode, sales price, and purchase price;

  • Edit: from this section you can edit prices (purchase and sale), VAT rate, name, barcode and article code.

  • Delete: Allows you to delete the product from the stock (only possible if the stock is 0).

After making a change, click on the "Save" button to make it active.

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