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The Calendar is one of the most important sections of Treatwell Pro, allowing the salon to organise and manage customer bookings quickly and efficiently. From the Calendar, it is possible to create a new appointment, adding all the information relating to the customer and the treatment that will be carried out.

How to create a new appointment

Here are the steps to follow to add a new appointment in Treatwell Pro:

  • open the Calendar on the date of the appointment (search for it in the calendar by clicking on the icon at the top left of the screen);

  • Click on the desired time in the column of the team member who will perform the treatment - this will open the appointment form where you can enter the information. If it is not completed and you click on any area in the Calendar outside the form itself, the appointment will automatically be cancelled by the system within a few seconds.

Customers already registered in the Client List

If the customer has already been registered in the Client List, simply type the name in the "Last Name & First Name" bar and choose the correct customer from the drop-down list. You can also search by typing in the customer's phone number.

In addition to the name and surname, the appointment form may also require the following:

  • the telephone number;

  • the email.

If the information is already present in the client list, it will not be requested. If, on the other hand, one or both of the two details have not yet been recorded, they must be entered on the appointment form when booking. In this way, the information in the Client List will also be automatically updated.

New customers (not registered in the Client List)

If the customer is not yet present in the client list, you will need to add them manually in the appointment form by entering their first and last names. For new customers, it is also necessary to enter a telephone number and an email. The data is saved by clicking on the blue checkmark in the upper right corner.

NB: it is advised to enter the surname first and then the first name during registration (do not enter any further information in these two fields, as they would appear in the communications sent to customers) to avoid confusion when searching in the Client List and to ensure that notifications and reminders of appointments are sent correctly. It is also important to always enter the email address so that the customer has the opportunity to leave a review after the appointment.

Add services to the appointment

To complete the reservation, it is necessary to add the services requested by the customer by clicking on "+ Add Service" and choosing the desired item from the list. It is possible to add more than one service to be performed during the same appointment (in order of execution), following the same procedure. Under the heading "+ Add Service" there are two tabs for quick selection:

  • Favourites: the services most requested by the customer;

  • Popular Services: Services that your salon has set as a shortcut (will show in the Treatwell app under Most Popular Services).

Please note: if there are no staff members available for the added service at that time, a warning banner will appear.

Edit service details and add notes

For each service entered in the appointment form, it is possible to add or modify some important details, including:

  • the duration of the service;

  • the team member who will carry out the treatment - by selecting the team member from the list, the service is automatically moved to the correct column in the agenda;

  • indicate if a customer has requested a specific team member by clicking on the letter "R" that appears next to the team member's name;

  • the clean-up time necessary for tidying up the station after the service.

It is also possible to add further notes relating to the appointment and the treatment to be carried out (for example particular preferences and customer needs, any allergies, etc...), by clicking on the notebook-shaped icon next to the "R".

To save the information entered and add the appointment to the calendar, click on the blue checkmark in the upper right corner of the form.

After saving, it is no longer possible to add any further services. If necessary, it is possible to create a separate appointment or cancel the previous one and recreate it by adding all the required services.

NB: if the selected service is not offered by the set team member, the appointment will be automatically moved to the column of the closest team member who is authorised to perform the service.

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