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The Calendar is the main tool for organising appointments in Treatwell Pro and is the first area that appears after logging in to the management system. From this area, in fact, it is possible to manage timetables, reservations, daily summaries of appointments and staff shifts.

It is possible to return to the Calendar from any other section of the management system through the side menu. Just click the three lines at the top right first to bring up the menu and then on "Calendar".

Calendar overview

In the upper bar you will find, in order from the left:

  • the calendar (by clicking on it it is possible to navigate between the days and months of the year);

  • the updated timetable;

  • the menu for viewing the daily or weekly agenda;

  • active promo flash (with the residual duration of the promotion);

  • overview of the day of expected earnings, appointments and cancellations;

  • side menu access button.

On the left side of the diary, in the vertical axis, the hours are indicated. The first hour of the Calendar, starting from the top, is the salon opening time and the last hour is the closing time (based on the opening hours set in the salon management system ).

The thinner horizontal lines graphically divide the time into 15-minute slots, while the thicker lines indicate the hours. An appointment can only be entered at lines (:00, :15, :30 and :45).

The green line indicates the current time and corresponds to the time shown on the top bar. It automatically syncs with the time of the device you are using.

The calendar columns indicate team members - the names of the team members are indicated in the top row. By clicking on a name, an employee menu is pulled up, through which it is possible to make certain modifications (for example, signal the presence or absence of the team member, edit working hours, or indicate leave or illness).

The portion of the diary marked in grey indicates the times in which the team member is not active. It is not possible to create or move appointments within these inactive sections.

View by device

The view of the team members' columns in the calendar may be different depending on the device used and its screen size. For example, when using the Treatwell Pro app on a smartphone of about 6 inches vertically, 2 of the team member columns will be shown, however, when you hold the device horizontally, 4 will be shown.

On the larger display of a tablet or PC, however, there are more columns visible on a single screen.

In any case, it is possible to navigate through all the columns of collaborators in the Agenda using the arrows located on the bar at the top, next to the lightning bolt icon of the Flash Promos.

Meaning of appointment colours

The appointments entered in the calendar are displayed in different colours, each with a precise meaning:

  • Blue: the appointment was entered by the salon directly from the agenda

  • Red: The appointment has been booked online by a customer

  • Orange: The appointment was made by a customer who requested a specific member of staff

  • Green: the customer's appointment has started and they are now in the salon

  • Grey: The customer has finished their appointment and has left

Daily or weekly view

The daily and weekly views of the Calendar are essential to speed up and facilitate actions within the agenda.

Daily view

The daily mode is the default one. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to view the columns of all the staff members with their appointments of the day in a single screen.

With the day view, it is easier to identify the availability of a team member and enter the required appointments in the appropriate column.

Weekly view

Choosing the weekly view shows the columns of the team members for all days of the current week. By dragging the reservations (drag & drop) it is possible to quickly move an appointment to a different day.

It is possible to move the appointment only to a day of the same week: in fact, with the weekly mode, the "Reschedule" function is not available (to reschedule a booking on a different day using this function, it is necessary to use the daily view).

Furthermore, the weekly agenda allows you to filter the appointments of one or more team members by selecting the names of the team members from the dedicated drop-down menu, located next to the display mode.

By filtering appointments for a single staff member, it will be much easier and faster to identify the team member's long-term availability and organise appointments for the whole week.

Please Note: Appointment details in the weekly view will only be visible by selecting a staff member from the drop-down menu.

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