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Treatwell Pro allows you to create limited-time discounts, called "promo flashes." Using this tool, you can occupy the time slots still free in your schedule with limited-time promotions, which are particularly attractive not only to cover the latest availability, but also to attract new clients. The promo flash, in fact, will be visible on the salon's Treatwell window.

The promo flash allows you to increase the possibility of booking and is active ONLY for online bookings.

To create a promo flash, you will need to go to the main screen of the Treatwell Pro Agenda and click on the lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner.

In the "Promo Flash" window, you can set the following parameters:

  • Duration: how long to make the promotion available. Since this is a time-based promotion, the options are limited to 24, 48 or 72 hours.

  • Apply to: allows you to apply the promotion to the entire list of services or to individual treatments: by choosing "Entire list", the promo will be valid for all treatments, while with "Customize" you will need to indicate the services and their respective discount percentages;

  • Discount: this option is active only if "Whole list" was selected in the previous step. This is the discount percentage that will be applied to all salon services, from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 80%.

Once the settings are saved and confirmed, the flash promotion is immediately active and will automatically deactivate at the end of the chosen duration. The remaining time is visible under the promotion icon (lightning bolt) on the main Agenda screen.

The time promotion can be changed or cancelled at any time by clicking on the icon to reopen the window and selecting item in red "DELETE" at the bottom of the window.

Please note: the Flash Promo will be visible on the Treatwell Pro Marketplace 30 minutes after its creation.

Why use Promo Flashes?

Primarily to be able to fill holes in the schedule through online bookings. It is particularly useful to take advantage of this tool in conjunction with the overview of the day, within which you can evaluate the appointments already confirmed today and for the following days. In this way, a targeted strategy can be put in place, using precisely promo flashes, for example, discounting services that have not yet been booked.

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