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How do I reschedule an appointment?
How do I reschedule an appointment?
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With Treatwell Pro you can quickly reschedule an appointment in your diary to a different time or for a later date, using your mouse or touchpad to "drag-and-drop", or by using the "Cut" function, depending on the date you wish to change the booking.

How to reschedule an appointment at a different time

To reschedule an appointment to a different time on the same day, simply click on the booking in the Calendar and hold down to drag the box to the new desired time slot. Then release the button (or your finger if you are using Treatwell Pro on a touchscreen device) to make the change active.

Using the same system, you can reschedule an appointment from one member of staff to another by dragging it to the relevant column. This change is only valid if the staff member is authorised to carry out the treatment in the booking.

How to reschedule an appointment for a different day

You can change the date of an appointment by rescheduling it for a day of the same week or for a later date.

Reschedule an appointment in the same week

If you wish to reschedule an appointment on a different day, but in the same week, you can again make use of the drag-and-drop functionality:

  • first, choose the Weekly Calendar view from the drop-down menu available on the top toolbar;

  • left-click on the appointment you wish to reschedule (or with your finger, if you are using a touchscreen device) and hold;

  • reschedule the appointment to the new day.

Please note: the weekly calendar view does not allow you to use the 'Cut' function to move the appointment. The only way to move it, therefore, is by dragging it between columns (drag & drop).

Reschedule the appointment for a later date

If, on the other hand, you wish to reschedule an appointment to a period later than the current week, the procedure is as follows:

  • from the Calendar, click on the appointment you wish to reschedule;

  • click on the "Reschedule" button at the bottom of the tab (the appointment will become transparent with red borders and text);

  • choose the new date on the calendar for which you want to reschedule the appointment;

  • click "OK" on the banner in red at the bottom of the calendar;

  • enter the appointment time and click 'Confirm';

The appointment is immediately visible on the calendar with the new date and time.

Why can't I reschedule an appointment?

There can be several reasons why the salon cannot reschedule an appointment. Here are some examples:

  • the day or time on which you wish to reschedule the appointment is not active (e.g. on closing days or breaks in the service during the day, in the case of split hours);

  • the employee to whom the booking is being rescheduled does not perform the service requested by the client.

Furthermore, in some cases, the 'Reschedule' button in the appointment card may be greyed out and inactive, so it will not be possible to make the change. This happens when the move request does not respect the timeframe of the salon's cancellation policy. In such cases, you have the following solutions:

  • delete the appointment and create a new one on the desired date;

  • contact the Customer Experience team to cancel the purchase and proceed to refund the client.

It is always possible to update cancellation and scheduling policies by contacting the Customer Experience team.

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