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How do I rebook an appointment?
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It may be necessary to schedule recurring appointments for the same client that do not vary in the services, times, or days in the week they are performed.

In Treatwell Pro, you can schedule a repeat appointment that keeps all the clients' information and preferences from the previous booking. This function is available on all appointments (online or scheduled by the salon) and can be used at any time (even when the appointment is in progress or has ended).

How to create a repeat appointment

To schedule a repeat appointment, you must first click on the appointment card in the calendar and then select the 'Repeat' button.

The management system offers five options for choosing the frequency that the appointment is to be repeated:

  • once

  • every week

  • every 2 weeks

  • every 3 weeks

  • every 4 weeks.

To save these settings, click on the blue 'Confirm' button.

Please note: The repeat appointment will be in the calendar in the same staff member's column and at the same time as the first booking. It is therefore important to check that the staff member is operational on each of the days the appointment is scheduled for.

How to delete a repeat booking

  • View the repeated appointment card (you can check it’s a repeat booking from the note 'Appointment repeated from…')

  • click on the 'Delete' button

  • click on the 'Client cancelled' button

  • click 'Yes' if you want to delete all the repeated appointments, or 'No, only this appointment' to cancel only that specific booking.

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