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How to add products to the Warehouse
How to add products to the Warehouse
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On Treatwell Pro it is possible to add and keep track of the products offered and sold in the salon within the Warehouse section, accessible from the side menu of the management software. For each product, therefore, a sheet can be created with technical information, price and stock, so that it is always available and can be reordered as soon as the number of pieces falls below a predetermined threshold.

To add products on Treatwell Pro through the new Products area and have a constantly updated list of available goods, you must follow the following steps:

  • from the side menu, select "Warehouse" and then "Products";

  • click on the "Add New Product" button at the top right;

  • from the dedicated bar at the top, type in the name of the product you wish to add (alternatively, you can search by brand, barcode or item number);

It is advisable to enter products by barcode: this method, in fact, allows you to enter the product quickly and securely . The bar code can be scanned with an infrared gun or typed in manually.

Once the code has been entered, if the product is already in the management database, Treatwell Pro will recognize the barcode and complete all the data related to the product just click on the result to call up the dedicated window and enter the stock in the warehouse (Stock). Click on "Save" to confirm the addition.

The Treatwell Pro database is particularly large, but it is possible that some products are not yet available. If the product you want to add to your stock is not present, click on the "Add as new Product" button and enter all the required data in the form (The name, purchase price, stock "stock" quantity, and manufacturer are required data). Click on "Save" to confirm the addition.

Please note: If the product to be added to the warehouse is already present in the product list of the management system, the name of the manufacturer is also entered automatically by the system.

If, on the other hand, the new product is not present in the Treatwell Pro database, you must also enter the name of the manufacturer on the appropriate line and click on "Add as new" to register it. Then continue filling in the other fields and finally click on the "Save" button.

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