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What do the different colours mean in my calendar?
What do the different colours mean in my calendar?
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Appointments in the diary can have different colours depending on their status: thanks to this feature it is possible to recognise at a glance whether an appointment has been booked in the salon or online, whether it is in progress or has already been completed. Each colour, therefore, has a precise meaning and allows you to simplify the experience of using the management system.

Meaning of the appointment colours

  • Blue: indicates an appointment created in the salon and is generic (i.e. no specific team member has been requested for the booked service).

  • Orange: indicates that the appointment has been created in the salon and the client has requested a specific team member to perform the service (to change the status, select the letter "R" on the box when creating the appointment).

  • Red: indicates that the client has booked online. Again, the client may request a specific team member for the service (the "R" will then be active).

  • Green: indicates that the client has arrived at the salon and the appointment has started. The colour turns green after clicking on the "Check-in" button at the bottom right of the appointment tab (when the client has entered the salon).

  • Grey: the appointment has ended and payment and/or receipt has been made. It is possible for the appointment to remain green even after payment has been made: this is the case if the client's payment was made at an earlier time than the end of the appointment stated in the booking. In this case you can return to the calendar and click on the 'End' button at the bottom right to manually change the status of the appointment to grey.

  • Other colours: appointments using a specific resources are displayed in the colour set for that resource.

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