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How do I download an appointments summary or get it by email?
How do I download an appointments summary or get it by email?
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To help organise your admin and keep track of your appointments, you might find it useful to download a summary of your bookings to your computer or receive them via email. Alternatively, you can also print the information or export it as a PDF file.

Set up a daily bookings summary email

From your calendar, click to open the side menu on the right, then click "Profile" and then "Settings".

The first section you'll see will be "Preferences": you'll need to toggle the slider next to "Daily summary of appointments by email" so that it's blue, and enter the e-mail address where you'd like to summary to be sent. Finally, click on "Save".

You can update the email address where the summary is sent or deactivate the option at any time by toggling the slider back to grey.

How to download the appointments summary manually

In the same area of the "Preferences" menu, you'll also see an option to "Download appointments summary": this will download a PDF version of the summary to your device locally, instead of sending it via email.

The process is very simple, just select the date you want to receive the appointments summary for, wait for the download button to turn blue and click on it. The file will then be displayed on another page of your browser, ready to be downloaded or sent directly to print.

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