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How do I check which services in my salon are most popular?
How do I check which services in my salon are most popular?
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With Treatwell Pro you can keep track of the most popular treatments in your venue, which is particularly important for improving and optimising sales strategies. This can be particularly useful when creating promotions, as you can apply a discount to make less popular services more attractive to your clients.

How to check the most popular services in the salon

  1. First, click on "Manager" in the side menu and then on "Company Report".

  2. By scrolling down the page, you will find the "Business Breakdown" area, with data on the number of visits for services, products and promotions, the revenue obtained and the average spend. Click on "See Report" at the bottom of this section.

  3. As you scroll down the page you will find the "Breakdown of Services" area, with the list of the most popular services in your venue according to the chosen period (by default the previous month is taken into account), divided by category. By clicking on the arrows next to each entry, the drop-down menu shows the individual treatments carried out within that category.

    The data is broken down by quantity, average spend, revenue, percentage of total treatments and total visits.

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