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How do I edit the clean-up time of an appointment?
How do I edit the clean-up time of an appointment?
Written by Victor
Updated over a week ago

Sanitising salon workstations and rooms between appointments requires a certain amount of time in order to minimise health risks for both your customers and employees.

On Treatwell Pro, you'll find a dedicated area where you'll be able to set the minutes required to clean your workspace.

Allocating clean-up time will mean your calendar will be blocked for that period which means during that time no other appointments can be entered or booked.

Following the procedure of creating an appointment, you'll find the option "Clean up time", which is automatically set to 15 minutes for every appointment.

By clicking on the arrows at the side, you can customise the duration to suit your needs. After setting the desired time frame, click on the blue tick in the top right-hand corner.

The clean-up time is displayed in grey, immediately below the appointment in your Calendar.

Always make sure you set a sufficient cleaning time, to allow staff to sanitise workplaces and workstations in full compliance with current regulations.

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