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How do I export the sales proceeds?
How do I export the sales proceeds?
Written by Victor
Updated over a week ago

Treatwell Pro includes the useful function of being able to export your sales proceeds in CSV format. The downloaded file can then either be saved to your computer or sent via email to your accountant, if necessary. Using the filters available, it's also possible to choose the time period (from... to...) and the treatment type to be analysed.

  1. To export the data, go to the "Manager" section within the menu and click on the sub-section "Sale Proceeds".

  2. On the page that opens, it's possible to choose the time period, filter according to a specific sector, and customise the columns displayed, for example by adding one dedicated to VAT, the type of customer, the average cost, etc.

  3. When you're happy, to export the data just click on the "Export CSV" button. The file will be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile device.

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